Contrast Media & Medical Devices

Contrast Media

Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid
Iodinated ethyl esters of fatty acids of poppyseed oil

Discovered by Marcel Guerbet in 1901, Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid was the first iodinated contrast agent used in the world. It was first used in radiology in France in 1921.

Since 1980, Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid is developed in interventional radiology. 

It is currently available in 47 countries.

Patent Blue V
Patent Blue V sodium salt

Patent Blue V, which is not a contrast agent but rather a dye, was launched on the Belgian market in 1971.

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Medical Devices


Vectorio® is a mixing and injection system for Conventional Trans-Arterial Chemo-Embolization (cTACE).

Vectorio® is a set of Lipiodol Ultra Fluid resistant medical devices including syringes, patented stopcock and withdrawing devices.

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