OptiBolus® Bolus Shaping Software

Intended for U.S. healthcare professionals only.

Focus Your Control. Broaden Your Perspective.

OptiBolus™ Bolus Shaping Software helps you control flow rate, allowing you to manage your contrast media injection while helping to potentially increase contrast media utility. OptiVantage™ dual-head CT contrast delivery system with the optional OptiBolus™ software precisely controls contrast media. By increasing the value of the contrast, it helps you optimize confidence in patient care — which gives you more reasons to choose us.

“OptiBolusTM software has allowed my CT department to fully utilize the CT scanner technology instead of relying on historical protocols that have been passed down from technologist to technologist.” – Jamie Easterling, Administrator of Imaging Services, Cincinnati, OH

OptiBolusTM software was designed to employ multiphasic injection, to expand the window of enhancement for contrast procedures.

OptiBolusTM software optimizes the contrast media injection process through:

  • UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION: OptiBolusTM software is designed to deliver contrast media at a controlled flow rate and volume, to help ensure uniform vascular enhancement of the pulmonary arterial system throughout the scan. This helps decrease the possibility of missing the bolus.
  • MORE FROM CONTRAST INJECTIONS: OptiBolusTM software could potentially reduce IV contrast agent volume. This can allow you to use contrast media more efficiently, while also improving visualization at the bolus peak.1
  • EASE OF USE ON INJECTORS EQUIPPED WITH OPTIBOLUS SOFTWARE: Your existing protocol converts to an Optibolus protocol at the touch of a button.

1. Bae KT, Tran HQ, Heiken JP. Uniform vascular contrast enhancement and reduced contrast medium volume achieved by using exponentially decelerated contrast material injection method. Radiology. 2004;231:732-736.