Power Injectors and Accessories

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Smart design. Intelligent choice.

When medical staff and equipment work together the way they should, the result is a less labor-intensive imaging protocol, and focused patient care. That’s the philosophy behind our imaging injectors. These intelligently designed products were created to integrate seamlessly into your imaging protocol, to help streamline your workflow. This gives you more time to optimize confidence in patient care — and more reasons to choose us.

“The dedicated injector has evolved, allowing us to deliver contrast agents at specific rates and times to help ensure organ-specific image enhancement.”
– Karen Lahey, CT/MR Supervisor, Saratoga Springs, NY

OptiVantage® Dual-Head CT Contrast Delivery System with Optional RFID Upgrade 

With its easy, touch-screen interface and built-in safety features, this uniquely intelligent interface between contrast media syringe and power injector is designed to give you more ways to efficiently and effectively support more complex injection protocols. It’s also designed to keep pace with the increasing CT scanner speeds.

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OptiStar® Elite MR Contrast Delivery System 

Paired with Ultraject® prefilled syringes, the OptiStar® Elite injector helps you save time preparing for MR contrast delivery. It gives you the option of operating from the powerhead or the control console.

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OptiOne® Contrast Delivery System 

Fully featured, single head injector

  • Simple; Easy to Use
  • Reliable; Cost effective; high value for the money
  • Flexible; Ability to support prefilled or disposable syringes
  • Key Differentiators; Fully programmable powerhead with intuitive bedside operation, and the flexibility of prefilled syringes or glass contrast media vials

“OptiOne allows CT personnel to focus on the safety of the patient to optimize your contrast media use.”

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Angiomat® Illumena® Contrast Delivery System 

The user-defined functionality of the Angiomat Illumena contrast delivery system sets the standard for efficiency and ease of use. With one touch you can switch between cardio, angio and CT modes. This system’s remarkable versatility expands your ability to deliver advanced patient care across an increasingly broad spectrum of patients and procedures.

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