Pre-Filled Syringes

Intended for U.S. healthcare professionals only.

Process simplified. Efficiency amplified.
Ultraject™ Prefilled Syringes

Where imaging injections are concerned, simple is better. Ultraject prefilled syringes may help reduce steps required for syringe preparation and labeling during procedures. These single-use syringes help you save time preparing and managing inventory, and help reduce the potential for waste.



They also may help reduce certain patient risks. All of these qualities make Ultraject prefilled syringes simply a better choice.

“These products are a time saver to help deliver an accurate dose each time, reduce waste, and help meet certain requirements of The Joint Commission standard.”
- Pamela M. Cornelio, Administrative Chief Special Imaging, Stamford, CT





In one study, the use of prefilled contrast syringes with single-use saline syringes prevented microbial contamination in clinical routine.
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A multicenter trial showed that use of prefilled syringes resulted in a 10% increase in room set-up efficiency over use of bottle-filled syringes. The savings increased to 33% when the time taken to load the contrast into the injector was included.
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Responders to a survey reported that those who don’t use prefilled syringes discard 35% more contrast than those who do.
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