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In 1994 Xenetix® obtained its first marketing authorization in France. 

Originally packaged in vials, it has also been available since 2006 in the form of a polypropylene softbag, known as ScanBag® by Xenetix®. Xenetix® is present in 68 countries and continues to expand in Asia and South America.

Optiray® / Optiject® / Ultraject®

Optiray® is distributed since 1989.

It has also been available in pre-filled syringe form for manual or automatic injection, under the brand name Optiject®, since 1996, in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and Ultraject® in the rest of the world.

Sodium and meglumine ioxaglate

Hexabrix® was first marketed in 1979 in France. It is currently available in 68 countries.

Sodium ioxitalamate

The Telebrix® range was first marketed in 1970 and is commercialized in 40 countries.

Iothalamate meglumine injection

Conray® was launched in 1962.

MD 76®R and MD-Gastroview®
Diatrizoate meglumine and diatrizoate sodium injection USP

MD-76®R contrast agent is injectable and high osmolar, and MD-Gastroview® is water-soluble, ionic and high-osmolar, launched in 1981.

Ethyl esters of iodized fatty acids of poppyseed oil

Discovered by Marcel Guerbet in 1901, Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid was the first iodinated contrast agent used in the world. It was first used in radiology in France in 1921.

It is currently available in 47 countries.

Barium sulfate

The Micropaque® range was launched in Belgium in 1961 then in Germany in 1967 and in France in 1983. The Micropaque® range is currently available in 19 countries.

Ultraject® / Optiject® Prefilled Syringes

Launched in 1990, Ultraject® Prefilled Syringes may help reduce steps required for syringe preparation and labeling during procedures. They are available under the name Optiject® since 1996 in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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