Guerbet shows its commitment to supporting professionals in the field of interventional imaging with its launch of a specialized website

06.05.2019 14:00

Villepinte (France), May 6, 2019 – Guerbet, a global specialist in contrast agents and solutions for medical imaging, has announced the launch of its website for interventional radiologists, specializing particularly in the fields of oncology and vascular embolization:

The aim of this new site is to keep practicing professionals informed and up to speed by delivering rich scientific content, including videos, scientific conference agendas, clinical and epidemiological data, diagrams, clinical cases and scientific images. It will group information on the latest practices in interventional imaging and its associated conditions, on mini-invasive procedures, and on the interventional imaging solutions proposed by Guerbet with their mechanisms of action. 

“Interventional imaging is a particularly dynamic and innovative field. We are thrilled to be offering professionals easier access to quality scientific information to help them refine their skills on a daily basis,” said Thomas Bonnefont, VP Commercial Interventional Imaging for Guerbet. “With this new website we are showing our intention to continue developing cutting-edge techniques and to support professionals to truly improve diagnosis and patient treatment.” 

This new specialized site focuses specifically on three main indications particularly well-suited to interventional imaging: treatment of primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) with conventional transarterial chemoembolization (cTACE); treatment of vascular abnormalities by embolization; and embolization therapy and visualization of lymphatic effusions. 

Guerbet has been developing its activities in the field of interventional imaging over recent years, marketing not only innovative mix and injection system for standardizing cTACE, but also microcatheters to complete the range. The company’s recent creation of a franchise dedicated to this specialty is a further reflection of its growing commitment in this sector. Guerbet has also just launched a website specializing in women’s health, with focus on infertility & breast cancer managements:

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