Guerbet teams around the world celebrate the International Day of Radiology

08.11.2018 09:00

Today marks the 123th anniversary of X Ray by the physician Wilhelm Röntgen, and this year the International Day of Radiology highlights the essential role that imaging professionals play in the detection, diagnosis and management of cardiac diseases, increasing the quality of care and treatment of patients.

Cardiac radiologists – the experts in charge – supervise or perform imaging examinations, using technology such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and then interpret the resulting images to diagnose and monitor a wide range of diseases of the heart.

As every year Guerbet is involved in the campaign and many of our employees sent their portrait to illustrate their support for this cause and their pride to work in radiology, through a mosaic of pictures. The global picture (below) was shared today on our social media : LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

Like Guerbet, numerous radiology players around the world, including societies, radiologists, radiographers, radiological technologists and professionals from related fields share their support today. Find these initiatives on and live on Twitter with the hashtag #IDoR2018.