Our Mission & Commitment

Our mission

  • Guerbet's men and women are committed to offering health professionals contrast agents, medical devices and innovative solutions indispensable to diagnostic and interventional imaging to improve patients' prognosis and quality of life.

  • Passionate about our business, we strive day in, day out to combine performance, quality and sustainable development.

Our commitment


Guerbet has always prioritized trust and openness. Thanks to our size and corporate culture, one of our key strengths is our relationships with our partners. This is essential for our role as liaison and facilitator between experts, professional organizations and institutions; helping build communities and fostering solidarity, with a universal goal of improving healthcare. Together we can do more. We pledge to assist our partners wherever we can, however we can, to achieve our mutual goal.


We believe that the only way to continually develop diagnostic and interventional imaging is to be at the cutting edge of innovation. We are building on our dedicated experience and expertise in imaging to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of today, and tomorrow. We have always prioritized research, from the fundamental to the cutting-edge. We re-affirm our ongoing commitment to conducting and supporting research that improves patients’ lives and meets physicians’ needs. Ambitious and bold innovation is in our DNA and we promise to keep it that way.


We believe that to develop diagnostic imaging solutions that offer real benefits requires a commitment to excellence in everything that we do. This is achieved through our passion for science and technology, our desire to surpass safety and efficacy benchmarks, as well as our unwavering insistence on quality at every step. By always demanding the best from ourselves, we can achieve greatness, thereby helping our partners reach their full potential. We promise to continue to strive for excellence. We will not be satisfied with anything less than the highest quality, in order to deliver meaningful benefits to you and your patients.


Delivering the best quality products is only the beginning of the story. We understand that improving patient care and physician workload means doing more than just supplying the diagnostic imaging solutions. We also aim to supply customers with reliable, balanced and objective information about our products. Our ethics are founded on respect, honesty and integrity, all of which guarantee trust and the sustainability of our activities and development. We promise that all our goods and services are designed to not only improve the lives of patients and physicians now, but also to assure a better, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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