Illumena® Néo technical specifications

Flow Rate

Angio-Cardiac and Angio-Peripheral Modes:  0.1-40.0 mL/sec
CT Mode:  0.1-10.0 mL/sec

Pressure Limit

Angio-Cardiac and Angio-Peripheral Modes: 75 –1200 psi
CT Mode: 75–300 psi

Syringe Sizes

150 mL/200 mL empty syringes
50, 75, 100, 125 mL prefilled syringes

Syringe Heater

37° C nominal, minimizes the loss of heat from preheated contrast

Inject Delay

0–300 seconds

X-ray Delay

0–300 seconds

Scan Delay

(CT-Mode) 0–300 seconds

Rate Rise

0–10 seconds

Phase Delay

0–300 seconds

Number of Phases

1, 2 or 3–4

Protocol Memory

Angio Mode: 45 protocols
CT Mode: 45 protocols

Configurations available

Ceiling Suspension
Table mount
Wall mount
Remote stand

Air Detection Aid & Warning System (ADAWS) -  ADAWS (Optional extra)
helps detect air bubbles at the central point of the sensor. During an injection,
ADAWS will stop the injection if an air bolus appears

Hand and foot switches available for added convenience and control