Reasons to join us

Reasons to join us

You will work for a global specialist in contrast agents and solutions for diagnostic and interventional imaging. You can help improve patients’ prognosis and quality of life. You will have over 2,600 committed colleagues, each one striving for the highest levels of quality, in order to deliver meaningful benefits to physicians and their patients. If you are still not convinced, discover the following values, and understand why we proudly say: "Don’t compromise".

By joining Guerbet, you won’t have to compromise on:

Career Reasonstojoinus C1 Tradition&Innovation

Tradition and innovation

Guerbet was founded on innovation and has been innovative for more than 90 years. Innovation is a prerequisite in this sector, and our R&D is continuously developing new technologies that can be applied to medical imaging.

Research & Development is important to Guerbet. In 2020, 10 percent of our total revenue was dedicated to Research & Development.

We are committed to innovating and building the future of medical imaging.

Career Reasonstojoinus C1 Localorinternational

Local or international

Our headquarters are based in Villepinte, France, the nation where Guerbet was originally founded, although 60% of our workforce is currently working beyond France's borders, in Brazil, in China, as well as the United States and Japan.

This international scale enables us to offer our employees real career perspectives on five continents. We encourage our employees to build their careers through international mobility or by participating in international projects.

Career Reasonstojoinus C1 Friendlinessorperformance

Friendliness or performance

We are a leader in Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging known and recognized all over the world. Still, our greatest successes always come from the commitment of our teams in a working environment combining rigor and a friendly atmosphere.

Career Reasonstojoinus C1 Individualorcollective

Individual or collective

We promote a team spirit while giving everyone the means to deploy their talents and develop their careers by quickly taking responsibility. Cooperation is an essential value that we cultivate within the company. We acknowledge this as one of our primary drivers of success.

Career Reasonstojoinus C1 Ourvalues

Our values can be summarized as:


Promote new ideas to improve Guerbet’s performance.


Collaborate with others to achieve higher goals.


Respect Guerbet’s stakeholders and collaborators.


Strive until you reach your own goals. 


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