Innovation in MRI

Innovation in MRI

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Innovations in Radiology and eco-responsibility: where do we stand?

Speakers: Pr. Carlo Quattrocchi, Pr. Majda Thurnher and Pr. Philippe Douek

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MRI Contrast Agents: when non-clinical research meets the actual or future clinical practice

Speaker: Dr. Lancelot

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Symptoms Associated with Gadolinium (SAGE) - A review of real-life safety data in international pharmacovigilance databases

Speaker: Dr. Shahid

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GBCA Use and Environment: current and future trends

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State of the Art MR Contrast Media in 2022

Speaker: Dr. Raynaud

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Helpful Hints to Optimise Your MRI Examination

Speaker: Rachel Watt

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Bring the future of MRI into focus

Discover the latest information about innovations in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

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Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents use and environment: current and future trends

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Gadopiclenol Marketing Authorization dossier submissions accepted for review by EMA and FDA

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