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Efficacy and safety for better mixing and administration in cTACE

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Iodised Oil Resistant Mixing and Injection System for Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolisation (cTACE)
Mix Preparation Recommendations **


• The volume of the cytotoxic drug should be less than the volume of the iodised oil, ideally in a 1: 2 ratio
• The cytotoxic drug should be pushed into the syringe containing the iodised oil (water in oil)
• Mix at least 20 times for proper mixing

** Th. De Baère et al. Cardio. Vasc. Radiol. 2016

Vectorio Compounds (1)


All Vectorio ® components are validated to resist Iodised oil for up to 24 hours *

A & B 20 ml mixing syringes (x2 )
C Particulate filter for iodised oil sampling (x1)
D Cannula to collect ethiodated oil from the ampoule (x1)
E Spike for opening bottle of ultra-fluid iodised oil (x1)
F 3-way tap with 4 connection ports ( x1)
G Connector (x1)
H 1 mL injection / infusion
syringe (x1) I 3 mL injection / infusion syringe (x1)

The system does not contain:
Iodised oil ampoule or vial Anticancer

* Test report (E17-41) - Verification report of the device's functionality after 24h exposure to Iodised oil

Mixing Syringes A and B (20ml) - for multiple mixes easily and safely

C - Particulate filter for taking iodised oil

F - 3-way tap with 4 connection ports (patented) - for multiple mixing in simplicity and safety

G - Female-female connector

H - 1ml and 3ml injection syringes - for easy and safe injection

Preparation of the mixture for cTACE

Preparation of the anticancer drug mixture - iodised oil



• Withdraw iodised oil and anticancer drug into the 2x 20 mL mixing syringes
• Connect the mixing syringes to the 3-way / 4-connection stopcock
• Push the anticancer drug into the syringe containing iodised oil



• Mix at least 20 times to obtain a homogeneous mixture



• Connect the tap to the microcatheter
• Iodised oil emulsion + anticancer drug
• Possibility of re-emulsifying / remixing within the closed system

Features & benefits


• Resistant to iodised oil and unbreakable

• Safety: closed system to reduce the risk of leaks
• Speed: no breakage and no replacement necessary



• Easy to use
• Back stop mechanism
• Ergonomic handle

• Safety: no pull-back of the syringe plunger and no spillage of liquids
• Precision: handy and resistant
• Quickness: easy to mix, to inject and ready to use

faucet 3W4p *
• unique 3-way valve / 4 connections
• Safety Connections
• Closed system

• Safety: reduced risks of infection, air injection, leaks
• Speed: fewer connection errors and no disconnection time
• Speed: "mixing on the table" (without disconnection from the microcatheter) and optimised injection control



• Guerbet owns and exclusively markets the Vectorio ® mixing and injection system .
• Vectorio ® and its innovative components are covered by a portfolio of patents in the name of Guerbet in several countries.

Patent Rights Information

The current status and list of granted patents and published patent applications relating to the Vectorio ® system are available online at or on under the name of the applicant: Guerbet.


Vectorio® is a medical device intended for use by healthcare professionals only.

Intended use SET001: Lipiodol® Resistant Mixing & Injection System for Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolisation (cTACE).

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with the device or by your local Guerbet representative(s). For use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.

Class Is/CE

GMED 0459

Manufacturer: Medex