OptiStar® Elite & its dedicated consumables

Injector, Accessories & Consumables for MRI

OptiStar® Elite & its dedicated consumables

A very simple, reliable MRI contrast agent injector incorporating advanced performance features, thus reducing operating costs and improving patient throughput.

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C1 Optistarelite

OptiStar® Elite MRI Contrast Delivery System is a simple, reliable MRI contrast agent injector.

Consumables for OptiStar® MRI Contrast Delivery System

Guerbet code

Product Reference Description Unit/Box Modality
223262 801801 OptiStar MR Syringe Lateral Flow Needle 60mL 50 MRI
223256 801800 Multipack with 2 x 60ml Syringe and Spike, Y-Connector with 230cm Patient Tube and Single Check Valve 50 MRI
223374 801106 152cm (60") - Y-Tubing — Single Check Valve 100 MRI
223255 801107 229cm (90") - Y-Tubing — Single Check Valve 100 MRI

MRI Accessories

Guerbet code  Product Reference Description 


220364 DOTAclip Adapter for Dotarem® prefilled syringe - ACC003 1 MRI 
218786 DOTAject Holder for manual injection of Dotarem® 15 L and 20 L and Artirem® 20 mL prefilled syringes  1 MRI 

OptiStar® Elite technical specifications

Simple, battery-free
Use with prefilled syringe and vials

Pedestal; vehicle suspended arm (US only)

Flow rate
A Side: 60 mL syringes: 0.1–10.0 mL/sec; 10, 15, 20, 30 mL syringes: 0.1–8.0 mL/sec.
B Side: 60 mL single-use consumables syringes: 0.1–8.0 mL/sec; 50, 125 mL prefilled saline syringes*: 0.1–8.0 mL/sec

Pressure Limit
60 mL empty syringes: 150 psi; 10, 15, 20, 30 mL prefilled syringes: 200 psi*; 50, 125 mL prefilled saline syringes: 150 psi*

Syringe Sizes
60 mL empty syringes; 10, 15, 20, 30 mL prefilled syringes*; 50, 125 mL prefilled saline syringes*

A Side: 10, 15, 20 mL syringes: 1 mL to 20 mL; 30, 60 mL syringes: 1 mL to installed syringe size.
B Side: 60 mL syringes: 1 mL to installed syringe size; 50, 125 mL prefilled saline syringes*: 1 mL to installed syringe size*

Scan Delay 0-60 seconds

Inject Delay 0-300 seconds

Number of Phases 6 including Timing Bolus® feature

Phase Delay 0-600 seconds + pause

Number of Programs 40

Inject History Last 48 injected protocols

MR Compatibility Up to 3 Tesla

*where available


  • Patency Check®: test vein prior to injection (dedicated powerhead key)
  • Timing Bolus®: test injection to confirm protocol
  • Variable drip mode: ensure IV line patency throughout the procedure
  • Pressure automatic sensing & setting to ensure best security
  • Protocol: up to 6 phases with Timing Bolus®, even more with injection & phase delays
  • ‘One click loading’ / Auto-retract rams for quick turnaround
  • Console Enable
  • Powerhead keys
  • Color touchscreen, uncluttered display
  • Clear indicators & status line


Contrast&Care® is a contrast product injection management solution that enables imaging centers to collect, archive, examine, and share injection data, including data on contrast products, adverse events, injector activity, information on estimated glomerular filtration rate, and other risk factors before a clinical exam.



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These medical devices are intended for use by medical imaging and diagnostic healthcare professionals.
For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for these medical devices, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with the device or by your local Guerbet representative(s). For use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.

OptiStar® Elite: Class: IIb/EC. This device is intended to inject MRI contrast agent and flushing solutions into a patient's vascular system to obtain diagnostic images when used in conjunction with Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment (MRI). 
OptiStar® Consumables: Class: IIa/EC
Notified body: TÜV SÜD Product Service (CE 0123).
Manufacturer: Liebel-Flarsheim Company LLC, 2111 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237-1640

DOTAject, DOTAclip: Class: I/EC
Manufacturer: MEDEX, 240 allée Jacques Monod 69800 Saint-Priest – France