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Vectorio® is a mixing and injection system for Conventional Trans-Arterial Chemo-Embolization (cTACE).

Vectorio® features and benefits

Vectorio® is a set of Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid (Iodinated ethyl esters of fatty acids of poppyseed oil) resistant medical devices including syringes, patented stopcock and sampling devices.

Lipiodol®-resistant* and unbreakable, providing the possibility of a closed system without device break changes to reduce risks of leakage.


Ergonomic and user-friendly, with a syringe back stop and rotary finger grip for optimized handling.


The 3W4p stopcock system provides a unique closed-system, and the 3-way 4-Ports stopcock with safeguards reduces risks of infection, air injection, or leaks and optimizes on-table mixing and injection control.


* Test report (E17-41) – Verification report of the device’s functionality after 24h exposure to Lipiodol®

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Vectorio® is a medical device intended for use by healthcare professionals only.

Intended use SET001: Lipiodol® Resistant Mixing & Injection System for conventional Trans-Arterial Chemo-Embolization (cTACE).

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with the device or by your local Guerbet representative(s). For use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.

Class Is/CE

GMED 0459

Manufacturer: Medex