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The patient X-ray dose management solution Dose&Care® is a state-of-the-art digital solution to aid monitoring of patient radiation exposure. It collects data from all ionizing modalities (e.g. CT, X-ray, fluoroscopy, mammography), and provides a record of patient exposure, thus supporting good practice policies in imaging centers, as well as complying with regulatory requirements.

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The patient X-ray dose management solution

By collecting data from all ionizing modalities (e.g. CT, X-ray, fluoroscopy, angiography, interventional mammography, nuclear medicine), Dose&Care® can help to build a comprehensive history of patient exposure, with detailed dosimetry results, cumulative dose, patient characteristics, and modality settings.

• A comprehensive patient exposure history
• Helps detect at-risk patients and determine optimal balance
• Supports best practice policy

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Dose&Care® is a Class I medical device under EU MDD intended for use by healthcare professionals. It allows the user to store and monitor the patient's dosimetric information. It collects dose reports created by modalities (scanner, conventional and interventional radiology, mammography, etc.)

Dose&Care® enables real-time monitoring of patient’s dose and includes a user management system. It also provides tools to associate procedure descriptions to regions, to edit alert rules for each region and to manage groups of procedure descriptions.

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with the software or by your local Guerbet representative(s). For use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.