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Whats is a HSG

HSG is an examination used to see if your fallopian tubes are open (patent) and if the uterine cavity is normal. A contrast dye (called contrast medium) is slowly injected into your uterus while pictures are taken using x-ray.

What is contrast Dye Used during HSG?

The HSG contrast dye is an iodine-based fluid that makes your uterus and fallopian tubes visible on the x-ray image. Two types of contrast dyes can be used: oil-based or water-based contrast medium. Talk with your doctor to learn more about these drugs.

Can an HSG Help me get Pregnant

There is Scientific evidence to suggest that in some woman there is an increase in pregnancy and conception rates following an HSG.

What Happens during a HSG?

You will be positioned on the x-ray table and bring your legs up into a gynaecological position
A speculum will be gently inserted
The cervix will be cleansed


If you wish to learn more about HSG's, please download our Patient Leaflet.

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