Xenetix® (Iobitridol)

Contrast Agent for CT & Cath Lab

Xenetix® (Iobitridol)

In 1994 Xenetix® obtained its first marketing authorization in France. Originally packaged in vials.

Xenetix 350 50 Ml & 100 Ml

It is a non-ionic monomeric, iodinated contrast agent associated with stabilized hydrophilicity, low osmolality, low viscosity, and high-water solubility. It is used in radiological examinations, particularly in CT and Cath Lab.

Xenetix® is supplied in 3 different concentrations: 250, 300 and 350 mgI/mL.

It is one of the latest non-ionic monomeric LOCMs available, and the only agent with a unique chemical structure designed for stabilized hydrophilicity, which may offer the safety advantage of being less likely to interact with proteins in cell membranes or plasma. Xenetix® is approved in more than 60 countries


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