Consumables for Diagnostic Imaging

Consumables for Diagnostic Imaging

Guerbet supports healthcare professionals with a large and flexible range of consumables for use with injection solutions in MRI, CT and Cath Lab imaging departments.

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Guerbet’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals with medical devices and innovative solutions for diagnostic imaging, to improve patient prognosis and quality of life. Driven by our passion for our work, every day we strive to combine performance, quality and sustainable development.

We aim to meet the expectations of patients and healthcare professionals by ensuring the availability of safe, high-quality and innovative products. With several hundred employees dedicated to Quality, R&D and manufacturing, Guerbet develops and provides its customers with power injectors and consumables whose effectiveness and safety have been demonstrated and proven(2).

To that purpose, we offer two ranges of consumables for safe and efficient injections.

C1 Essential (1)

Essential certified(1) by Guerbet

Our priority is to support healthcare professionals who face daily complex challenges as well as the constant need to improve quality and ensure traceability and regulatory compliance and to optimize the budget.

To that purpose, we have developed agile partnerships with selected manufacturers to provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive portfolio of Essential and easy-to-use consumables in order to provide for safe and efficient injections. 

All consumables are selected, tested and certified(1) by Guerbet to meet the highest Guerbet quality standards and to follow the Medical Devices standards and regulations. Legal manufacturers are ISO 13485* accredited and all consumables are CE marked and comply with the European Union regulatory requirements for Medical Devices** or with the U.S. regulations or with local regulatory requirements when products are approved or registered.  

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Excellence (1)

Excellence designed by Guerbet

We leverage years of scientific research and innovation in diagnostic imaging to deliver own-designed consumables reporting the evidence of their excellence through traceability, certifications and studies(2). This is the Excellence range of consumables. Innovation is a key lever to provide state-of-the-art technologies to healthcare professionals, in order to ensure reliable, high quality and safe injection solutions.

All of our products are CE marked and comply with the European Union regulatory requirements for Medical Devices**.

C1 Consumables

Guerbet power injectors and consumables work better together

Guerbet offers a large and flexible range of consumables for each one of its power injectors: OptiVantage® multi-use, OptiVantage® single-use, Illumena® Néo, FlowSens®, OptiStar® Elite, OptiOne®:

  • Syringes and kits
  • Day-sets
  • Patient lines
  • Tubings
  • Accessories

Learn more about our consumables for diagnostic imaging

Visit our website to discover more about our ranges of consumables for MRI, CT and Cath Lab injection solutions



(1) Certified by Guerbet as compatible on Guerbet injectors - data on file

(2) Internal Data: Vermeulen C, Noury B & Al. Microbial Safety Assessment of a Double Check-Valve Patient Line in a Multi-use Contrast Delivery System Radiol. Technol. 2015 Nov-Dec;87(2):139-49

* Legal manufacturers Liebel-Flarsheim Company LLC and Shenzhen Boon Medical Supply Co., Ltd. are ISO 13485 certified.

** The EU Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC, MDD) is a legislation which addresses essential principles for the safety and performance of medical devices during their lifecycle. The new EU Medical Devices Regulation ((EU) 2017/745, MDR) will repeal the existing MDD and bring significant regulatory changes.

For complete information please refer to the local Summary of Product Characteristics and instructions for use. Please also refer to the legal mentions available in the website