Optimal power injector for X-Ray procedures OptiVantage® Multi-use

OptiVantage® Multi-use

Optimal power injector for X-Ray procedures OptiVantage® Multi-use

OptiVantage® multi-use dual-head CT injector is a solution for multi-patient use. It is designed to improve productivity by streamlining user workflow to save time7 and to limit stress during use. Its design allows optimized hygiene thanks to the use of secufilll2.   OptiVantage® multi-use is fully integrated with Guerbet Contrast&Care® injection management software for smart traceability. Guerbet power injectors and consumables work better together.

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Take your OptiVantage® MultiUse to the next level

To help radiographers efficiently manage contrast media injections, Guerbet introduces OptiVantage® MultiUse KONNECT, an integrated injection solution with automatic injection traceability, advanced analytics and full service coverage.

OptiVantage® MultiUse KONNECT encompasses the OptiVantage® MultiUse contrast media injector, the connection with your HIS* thanks to Contrast&Care®, and inclusive protection with OptiprotectTM 3S technical service agreements.

KONNECT is a UNIK solution.

*HIS: Hospital Information System including PACS (Picture Archiving communication System), RIS (Radiology Information System) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

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When Efficiency and Care Combine Seamlessly

OptiVantage® multi-use dual-head CT injector is a multi-patient solution designed for injecting contrast agents used in CT medical examinations.

This complete multi-use solution includes the OptiVantage® syringe-based injector, a complete range of associated syringes and consumables (manyFill® day-set and Secufill® patient line), as well as services and support systems, designed and certified(8) to optimize the performance of the solution.

C1 24H

With Care in Mind

Maintaining a high level of hygiene for 24 hours1
• An all-in-one pre-connected manyFill® day-set, a closed system to avoid multiple connection, and air and particle filters
• Secufill® patient line with proven, double safety valve2

Minimizing problems with specifically designed technical specifications, including:
• Patency Check®: saline injection to confirm fluid pathway prior to injection
• Newly designed software for an optimized and adapted 12h/24h multi-patient process
• Newly designed software: for a multi-patient procedure
• Tilt enable: prevents injection until the correct enabling sequence has been completed
• 12h/24h countdown timer alert to support hygiene compliance
• Battery-free and cable-linked, for robust and continuous usage at any time
• Agile and compact injection solution
• Guerbet certified(8) and designed consumables, providing the highest Guerbet quality standards

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Manyfill® day-set

All in one pre-connected Manyfill® day-set.

C1 Secufill®

Secufill® patient line

Proven double safety valve2 


With Efficiency in Mind

Our smart technologies are designed to improve productivity by streamlining user workflow in order to save time and increase the number of stress-free interventions

Optimized workflow: ensuring a good patient flow
Improve handling conditions for a simple and fast workflow

Improving workload: ensuring greater comfort
Simplify processes with automatic operations and a specific design

Ensuring better flexibility
Ensure effectiveness for both multiple and single-patient procedures by increasing the number of interventions and meeting your needs during both day and night shifts


C1 Optibolus (1)

Dose optimization

Optimal Contrast Enhancement

Extending your image acquisition window, ensuring diagnosis accuracy with a more suitable iodine dose, and improving the accuracy of your protocol

OptiBolus® 3

OptiBolus® exponentially decelerates the contrast flow rate, providing optimal contrast utilization or extension of the image acquisition window. OptiBolus® provides uniform contrast enhancement, extending the image acquisition window, and works exclusively with the OptiVantage® dual-head CT injector.


Informed Decisions With Contrast&Care® Injection Management Software

We aim to improve traceability and automation with new and integrated digital solutions. 

Complete Injection Management Software Solution: Contrast&Care®

Tailored contrast media injection management software solution to reduce administration time while ensuring full and automatic traceability injection data

 Unique connectivity with information systems used in radiology:4 HIS, RIS, PACS, EMR

Collection, archiving, review, analysis and sharing of injection data: contrast products, adverse events, injector activity, information on estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and other risk factors. 

Visit the Contrast&Care® website5

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Technical Services and Support6

OptiProtectTM 3S is Guerbet’s original suite of Services and Support brought to you by our readily accessible, factory trained and certified experts who are committed to making continuity in your daily operations their priority


Interview With Technologist Sevgi Dalkiliç (1)

Discover what Sevgi Dalkiliç from the Private Izmir Ekol Hospital has to say about the OptiVantage® Multi-use contrast media injector!

20210224 Dis Guidelines Cover 772X579

Discover the disinfecting guidelines for the Guerbet contrast media injectors


These medical devices are intended for use by medical imaging and diagnostic healthcare professionals. For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for these medical devices, we recommend consulting the instructions notices/user’s manuals.
Ensure that injection from multi‐dose containers and to more than one patient respects the valid rules of good practice and the marketing authorization (MA) of the contrast agent and local regulatory requirements. The multiple use of manyfill® disposables is intended for multi‐patient markets. Use a new secufill® patient line for each patient.

OptiVantage® injector is a medical device (Class: II b, CE0123) intended for use by medical imaging and diagnostic health professionals, for injecting radiopaque contrast media and saline into a patient’s vascular system during CT examinations.
OptiBolus® is a bolus shaping software that provides uniform contrast enhancement and extends image acquisition window for dynamic scanning procedures.
OptiVantage® disposables are medical devices (Class: II a, CE0123). Notified Body: TUV SUD Product Service GmbH. Manufacturer: Liebel-Flarsheim Company LLC, 2111 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237, USA
Secufill®: single use patient line with double valve for CT & MRI (Class II a medical devices, CE0459).
Manyfill®: multi-use filling/injection set for CT (Class II a medical devices, CE0459).
Contrast&Care®: medical device (Class I, CE).
Notified Body: LNE G-Med. Manufacturer: Medex, 240 Allée Jacques Monod, 69800 Saint-Priest, France
OptiVantage®, OptiBolus®, Patency Check®, Timing Bolus®, OptiProtectTM, LF™, Contrast&Care®, secufill®, manyfill® are trademarks of Guerbet. Patents pending and issued patents. © Copyright 2018 Guerbet – All rights reserved.

Document modification date: February 2021 P21000425


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 4.    Refer to the Contrast&Care® Instructions for Use.
 5,6. May be subject to an additional fee. Can differ from country to country. For more information please contact your local Guerbet representative.
7. Time saved in bi-liquid multi-use versus in bi-liquid single-use
8. Certified by Guerbet as compatible on Guerbet injectors - data on file