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Managing Patient Imaging Risk Using Dose Tracking Software

In this Expert Forum, we'll hear from Samuel Brady, PhD about what it means to manage risk in patient imaging. Dr. Brady will review current radiation dose management tools, which have advanced since the days of only reporting on radiation dose in CT.

Today, most modern dose tracking solutions now include a means to track different dose metrics across various modalities. Dr. Brady will provide examples of how to establish and implement alert thresholds for common radiographic, fluoroscopic, CT, and nuclear medicine studies, while sharing steps that can be instituted to track, report, and manage cases that exceed the predetermined thresholds.

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Guerbet's AI Insights Webinar Series #2

Join us for another installment of AI Insights, where an expert panel led by Dr. Ari Goldberg will discuss the evolving and likely future impact of artificial intelligence in triaging patients according to disease severity and acuity.

The panel will discuss and analyze software and functionality developed with deep-learning models that are both in practice and in development, primarily in, but not limited to, Radiology. The future benefits, assumptions, and areas for caution will be discussed. Following this live panel discussion, questions from the audience will be addressed.


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Guerbet's AI Insights Webinar Series #3

Join us for another installment of Guerbet's AI Insights where we'll revisit the economics of artificial intelligence with a panel of experts led by Dr. Sonia Gupta. In this segment, we'll discuss best practices for determining ROI of AI and the potential of future insurance reimbursement.

Joining the panel are ACR economics expert, Dr. Melissa Chen, and Chair of Einstein Radiology, Dr. Ryan Lee, who has piloted multiple AI solutions at his institution. Together they will share their experiences with evaluating AI solutions.


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The CSF Accumulation of GBCA’s: The Significance of the Glymphatic System

Aashim Bhatia, MD, MS, a Pediatric Neuroradiologist discusses the role of the glymphatic system, and the growing concerns with gadolinium (Gd) deposits found in the brain.

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AI Insights: How can I Engage Radiologists and My Practice to Use AI?

Join AIMed and Guerbet on October 14, 2021 for another segment of AI Insights, where an expert panel led by ABAIM board member, Dr. Sonia Gupta MD will discuss how to evaluate Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for your practice and how to create enthusiasm for growing use and availability of AI solutions today.


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AI Education: How can I learn about Artificial Intelligence?

This exclusive webinar will feature three academic experts sharing their educational journeys in artificial intelligence. They will discuss how they are learning about AI, how they are supporting medical students, and what academic institutions should be doing to teach radiology residents about AI.

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Clinical Resources

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Guerbet and Applied Radiology Partner to Advance Physician Education

For the past five years, Guerbet and Applied Radiology, The Journal of Practical Medical Imaging and Management, have worked together to build a community of clinicians, industry professionals, thought leaders and experts for in-depth conversations and case studies. 

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Physician Q&A with Dr. Aashim Bhatia

Pediatric Neuroradiologist discusses research on GBCA's and the glymphatic system. 

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Applied Radiology Conducts Dotarem Case Studies

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Guerbet Educational Opportunities

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Guerbet Announces Key Research and Educational Grants and Partnerships

Guerbet shares its continued partnership with the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) through awarding of its Guerbet Research Scholar Grant.

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Guerbet Provides 100 Academic Scholarships for Students

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Review Course through ABAIM allows students to obtain their educational certification. 

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