Guerbet Sponsors 2020 National Radiologic Technology Week

Each year at this time, our industry recognizes National Radiologic Technology Week, which commemorates Wilhelm Roentgen’s world-changing discovery of the x-ray on November 8, 1895.

The 2020 theme —  “Building on our History - Creating the Future” — emphasizes how our past helps shape the innovations of the future. Notable milestones include:

  • 1913 – William Coolidge invents the heated cathode x-ray tube, enabling external beam radiotherapy
  • 1914 – Marie Curie designs vehicles to carry x-ray equipment to the battlefield in World War I
  • 1941-1945 – US military trains thousands of service members as radiologists to help provide care for the wounded during World War II
  • 1964 – Radiation therapy becomes a specialized field
  • 1971 – First CT Scan
  • 1977 – First MR image
  • 2011 – First clinical 3-D mammography exam performed in the US

The work of radiological technologists is indispensable in fighting numerous diseases through diagnostic imaging procedures. These professionals work with the most innovative equipment in the medical field to help facilitate patient care. In the United States today, over 337,000 registered radiological techs practice in such areas as breast imaging, computed tomography, cardiac-interventional procedures, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, radiation therapy and general diagnostic radiology.

As part of the Guerbet sponsorship of this year’s celebration, the ASRT delivered over 140,000 calendars to ASRT members. ASRT founded National Radiologic Technology week in 1979.