Producing solutions in the US for US healthcare providers

Producing solutions in the US for US healthcare providers

A legacy of US manufacturing

The acquisition of Liebel-Flarsheim™ Company LLC (L-F) in 2015 brought with it a legacy of US-manufactured contrast and medical devices since 1917, the year that L-F was founded. Since that time, L-F established manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio and Raleigh, North Carolina that continue to employ hundreds of American workers today.

A vision to expand US production

Guerbet’s line of power injectors and urology systems are manufactured and/or assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Guerbet’s line of pharmaceutical contrast media for contrast-enhanced CT exams is produced at the Raleigh, North Carolina facility. Guerbet’s most popular contrast media, Dotarem® (gadoterate meglumine) Injection, recently surpassed the milestone of one million doses administered worldwide. Dotarem® (gadoterate meglumine) Injection was produced outside of the US at other manufacturing facilities since it was first introduced to the US in 2013. Guerbet is pleased to have received FDA approval in 2020 to manufacture Dotarem® (gadoterate meglumine) Injection at its Raleigh, North Carolina facility.

Pride in our Work

Incorporating our shared values of customer focus, performance, flexibility and teamwork, our employees have pride and honor in growing Guerbet's success. Although part of a worldwide corporation, Guerbet maintains a family-oriented and dynamic environment, which embraces innovative thinking, challenges and constant opportunities for growth. We are proud to supply US healthcare providers and patients with many solutions produced in the US.