Covid-19 Letter to Customers

Covid-19 Letter to Customers

Dear Valued Customer:

Enterprises involved in the healthcare sector continue to perform activities to the best of their capability and ensure measures are taken to curtail any potential impact with the current difficult circumstances. In this respect, Guerbet, in our commitment and dedication to customers, is carefully monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and has implemented some key actions, for minimizing risk of its employees, their families and third parties, in order to sustain its business activities.

Guerbet has completed the following actions so far:

• We have had a COVID-19 Crisis Team in place for a few weeks now that meets daily to review the situation and define necessary actions. We are following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) travel advice for national travel directives and regional government for regional quarantine directives. Our service team follows full safety practices and remains available to help your systems remain functional.

• Active supply chain surveillance – We are proactively reaching out to our key suppliers, service contractors and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) as part of our vigilant and forward-leaning approach in identifying potential disruptions or shortages. We have a Site Emergency Management Team in each Manufacturing Site/Distribution Center. Their responsibilities are to coordinate the requirements identified in action plans.

• We have a list of pharmaceuticals that are manufactured, labelled and/or distributed from our US facilities, the supply of which at this time is uninterrupted.

• We have communicated and raised awareness to all employees regarding company’s and employee’s actions that will minimize infection risk and ensure uninterrupted services provision, e.g. avoid social contacts, increased enforcement of personal hygiene and workplace cleaning, provision of personal protective equipment, etc.

Regular and frequent meetings are conducted to review and adapt our COVID19 Plan according to the latest information available.

Please be assured that Guerbet is taking all necessary actions in order to continue to maintain normal operations and protect employees during this period.

We want you to know that we are always available to discuss any additional information or clarifications to support you, our clients, and the local Health Authorities so we can act efficiently and effectively in order to have a collaborative approach where needed.

Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local Guerbet representative.


Thomas McLaughlin
North American Area Vice President
Guerbet, LLC

David Hale
Chief Executive Officer