Guerbet Issues Announcement About a COVID-19 Resource from Intrasense

Guerbet Issues Announcement About a COVID-19 Resource from Intrasense

As a leader in medical imaging worldwide, Guerbet understands the needs and concerns of the radiology community. In these times of crisis, we would like to make you aware of an offering from Intrasense® for complimentary access to Myrian® COVID-19 Protocol, a “unique software solution for advanced visualization and expert analysis of multimodality medical images.”

COVID-19 patients that require thorax CT imaging during the diagnosis or recovery phases could potentially benefit from the utilization of the Myrian® COVID-19 Protocol.

Myrian® COVID-19 is a protocol based on Intrasense’s very own FDA cleared XP-Lung, a lung range automatic segmentation tool. This protocol will allow for the provision of an objective measure of the impairment and lung reserve available in patients, automatically and intuitively.
A few of the features:

  • Automatic lung segmentation
  • Automatic calculation of global lung volume
  • Visualization of healthy lung areas
  • Visualization of pathological lung areas (ground glass opacities, crazy paving, condensations, emphysematous areas)
  • Automatic calculation of lung reserve ratio
  • Full lung volume density histogram

Intrasense has made the complimentary application available during the epidemic on the Intrasense website. Click Here.

  • Additional resources available on the website
  • Video Presentation
  • Webinar Demo

We extend our well wishes to you, your loved ones and colleagues amidst this challenging, life-altering, newly composed environment inhabited by COVID-19.