The Next Frontier in Diagnostic Imaging is Here

The Next Frontier in Diagnostic Imaging is Here

Tom Skrzeszewski, Director Global R&D 

Healthcare and, specifically, imaging products are a truly personal journey for me. When I was admitted to a hospital Emergency Room five years ago with post-surgery complications — blood clotting that reached my lungs, heart, and brain — my life was saved thanks to sophisticated tools like scanners and contrast agents, and the outstanding work of medical experts operating them.

Five months ago, I became Director of Global R & D at Guerbet, and now I look forward to the future that lies ahead for our company. What attracted me, as a product architect and developer, to Guerbet are its ambitious vision of developing innovative contrast media injector solutions, combined with the talent pool and charismatic leadership. I would describe Guerbet as “ambitious, diversified, collaborative, international.” But, as the company rapidly evolves on the global scene, I’m sure that six months from now, I’ll need a different set of words as we advance in our journey.

Every 10 years or so, humanity delivers significant innovative breakthroughs that change our lives forever. The incandescent lamp and the telephone are good examples. One enlightened us — literally — and the other revolutionized communication as we know it. Today, we can't imagine our existence without them. I look forward to the day when AI-operated machines are equally trusted allies in the human race’s peaceful evolution.

When people ask me what is the next frontier for our field, I reply that the next frontier is right here, right now, not in a galaxy far, far away. Guerbet is a leading innovator in the imaging field, and we’re already expanding and providing Artificial Intelligence solutions globally without boundaries.

It’s trendy, buzz-wordy, to call “digital” anything that computes, connects, has a battery, collects and analyzes data, and tells us what to do and when. I believe that, today, we need a differentiated, descriptive phrase to define what we experience as we go through this current wave of technology disruption. How about Intelligent Experience (IExp) as way to describe something so subtle that we hardly notice, yet powerful to remove any burden or save our lives when required?

Every transformation or disruption takes some time and effort. Only a few fearless visionaries can tell us what awaits us on the other side. I predict another disruptive innovation wave will come. For now, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and drive the current wave of innovation at Guerbet.

It's been 99 years since Marcel Guerbet discovered the first iodinated organic contrast medium — a discovery that saved countless lives – mine included. His genius and entrepreneurial spirit enable and empower our battle against cancer and other diseases. When we combine that achievement with the promise of AI, we can save more lives than ever before — affordably, and on a global scale. To quote the words of another genius in a different field, John Lennon: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."