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OptiBolus® is designed to allow for uniform vascular enhancement throughout the procedure. It helps reduce the contrast load up to 40%1, maintain image quality2, all in a 1 click contrast media injection efficiency add-on.

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OptiVantage provides an optimized solution in contrast delivery

with OptiBolus® add-on, which optimizes contrast delivery in order to achieve the contrast enhancement, with the optimum amount of contrast medium and no more.

This plug and play add-on is compatible with OptiVantage Single-Use and OptiOne.
No need for complex settings, just let your injector help to optimize the protocol, at the touch of a button!

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Check your dose reductions savings, up to 40%, and see how much you can save! Simulate with your own numbers and save a PDF report to share with your administration.

Optibolus 40Percent

OptiVantage offers an opportunity to balance safety with diagnostic quality2. It allows you to address concerns linked to the potential shortage of iodinated contrast media, as well as facilitate the increase in contrast dose efficiency while also limiting costs. All this, by focusing on the 3 following axes:

  1. Designed to reduce the contrast load up to 40%
  2. Focus on image enhancement 
  3. Maintain image quality

1. Designed to reduce the contrast load up to 40%1

Optibolus Patient Safety

Optimize the practicalities of Contrast Media: inject less iodine, meaning less radiation dose6,7, while maintaining image quality. You will be addressing the current main concerns:

  • Potential iodinated contrast media shortage
  • Designed to inject less iodine and reduce radiation dose
  • Reduce contrast waste and realize savings


Given increasing reliance on CT for clinical decision making, the current global shortage of iodinated contrast media is creating manifold challenges for health systems. Health entities, such as the American College of Radiology Committee on Drugs and Contrast Media, have published statements with a variety of high-level recommendations. Therefore, imaging providers and their institutions can continue to provide high-quality patient care during times of shortage of contrast media. One of these recommendations consists in “minimizing individual doses administered, to reduce waste”.

Read the ACR statement
Optibolus Clinical Cases

Clinical proof

4 case studies showing contrast volume reduction, using OptiVantage with OptiBolus®

Download the case studies

2. Focus on image enhancement

Optibolus Focus On Enhancement
  • Achieve valuable contrast enhancement, while using lower concentrations.
  • Potentially reduce the occurrence of artifacts
  • Realize savings by managing all your exams without the need for multiple product concentrations.

3. Maintain image quality

In CT applications that require long acquisition times, such as whole-body imaging & peripheral CT angiography, get a uniform contrast distribution for consistent quality of images. Prevent an overly dramatic spike of contrast at the bolus, which leads to wasted contrast.

Uniphasic injection
without add-on

OptiVantage™ injection
with add-on activated 

Normal (Uniphasic) injection technique delivers fixed flow rate from beginning to end of contrast injection. The injected contrast medium is diluted by the central blood volume before reaching and enhancing the region of interest.
A sufficient iodine mass must then be achieved to generate a diagnostically useful level of contrast enhancement.
The fixed flow rate technique yields a steadily rising vascular contrast enhancement profile, with a single peak of enhancement occurring.

Consequently, vascular enhancement is not uniform throughout the entire image acquisition, with much higher contrast on one hand, and much lower contrast on the other hand.

Guerbet solution delivers a dynamic variable flow rate along the first injection phase. Thanks to the add-on, the OptiVantage™ injector will automatically determine the best flow rate evolution, for easiest convenience and quicker workflow.
The exponential decay flow rate achieved will generate a useful contrast enhancement throughout the entire region of interest, during an extended period.

The result of which is a uniform vascular enhancement throughout the entire image acquisition.


Guerbet internal test results

With slower scanners, you can extend the acquisition window, potentially lowering the occurrence of missed bolus (particularly due to X-rays being launched too early or too late)


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Discover how you may reduce the contrast load up to 40%

Watch the webinars below to learn more about this technology


Reducing Contrast Media Volume in CT Imaging – From Pediatrics to Adults

Dr Charbel Saade
Clinical Applications and Education Manager, Guerbet Asia Pacific, Hong Kong SAR

Jini Park
Clinical Application Specialist, Guerbet Asia Pacific, Korea

Watch the webinar


Update on Iodinated Contrast Media Administration: The impact of New CT Technology

Dr Charbel Saade
Clinical Applications and Education Manager, Guerbet Asia Pacific, Hong Kong SAR

Pr. Dr. Davide Ippolito
Chief of Emergency Radiology, San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Italy

Watch the webinar

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OptiBolus® may be subject to an additional fee; Can differ from country to country; For more information, please contact your local Guerbet representative.

OptiVantage DH Contrast Media Injector is a medical device intended for use by qualified healthcare professionals, it is a contrast delivery system and is designed to inject radiopaque contrast media into a patient’s vascular system to obtain diagnostic images when used with computed tomography (i.e. «CT») equipment.

FDA Class II (K031339) Manufacturer: Liebal-Flarsheim Company LLC US Rep: Guerbet. For use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions, we recommend consulting the instruction for use supplied with these devices or by your local Guerbet representative(s).

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