Ready-Box® Contrast Media Warmer

Ready-Box® Contrast Media Warmer

The Ready-Box® contrast media warmer offers features that make it easier for you to store and prepare contrast media.

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Designed to Improve the Patient's Experience

The Ready-Box® Contrast Media Warmer heats iodinated contrast media to body temperature. This decreased viscosity can allow for increased flow rates at lower pressure.

Better by Design:

  • Front-opening door with transparent plastic panel for greater visibility and easy access.
  • Open coil heating for even heat distribution with over-temperature protection for safety.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easier mobility.
  • Compartmentalized shelves and partitions for flexible storage.
  • Internal thermostat to ensure consistent temperature.
  • Key lock for increased security.

Extrinsic warming of iodinated contrast material to human body temperature (37°C) may be helpful to minimize complications and improve vascular opacification in the following circumstances1:

  • For high-rate (> 5 mL/second) IV LOCM power injections
  • For injections of viscous iodinated contrast
  • For direct arterial injections through small-caliber catheters (5 French or smaller)
  • For intravenously injected arterial studies in which timing and peak enhancement are critical features
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The Ready-Box® Contrast Media Warmer is a Class II Medical Device in the United States. For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for this device, consult the full instructions for use supplied with each device or with your local Guerbet representative(s).

Caution: US Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.


1. ACR Committee on Drugs and Contrast Media. ACR Manual on Contrast Media. 2023

Ready-Box® Contrast Media Warmer is a registered trademark of Liebel-Flarsheim.