Hydra Vision™ Digital Imaging System

Hydra Vision™ Digital Imaging System

The Hydra Vision™ Digital Imaging System is known for image quality and ease of use.

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HydraVision™ Product Video

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HydraVision™ Product Information

Advanced Imaging Acquisition Technology

  • 17" x 17" PaxScan RF Flat Panel Detector
  • Real-time digital X-ray imaging and lower X-ray dosing
  • Image quality with good resolution
  • Intuitive system control with one-touch interface
  • 750-lb weight rating
  • Foot pedals for control, comfort, and ease
  • May be used for urological, gastroenterological, and gynecological treatment, planning and diagnostic procedures when a flat table and imaging system is required

Improved fluoro image quality with higher resolution

Fluoro Hydra Vision System

Image captured with Hydra VisionTM Digital Imaging System, featuring a detector with smaller pixels than previous generations for higher resolution, resulting in sharper, more defined images.

Fluoro LF DDIS System

Image captured with previous generation L-F DDIS System.

Hydra VisionTM Digital Imaging System is a Class II Medical Device in the United States. For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for the medical device consult the full instructions for use supplied with the device or with your local Guerbet representative(s).

Caution: US Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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