Guerbet Products & Solutions Featured at SIR 2021

Guerbet offers a comprehensive range of imaging products, solutions, and services for Interventional Imaging (Interventional Radiology and Women's Health) to enhance clinical decision-making at each point of the patient's journey, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, to efficiently improve patient experience. 


Contrast Media

Guerbet introduced the only oil-based contrast agent currently available in the USA in 1954.

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Sequredrakon Sidebyside


Guerbet offers a range of innovative microcatheter solutions to help Interventional Radiologists deliver high quality care during image-guided embolization procedures. The SeQure® reflux control microcatheter and Drakon™ peripheral microcatheter are designed for trackability and kink resistance, with impressive torquability through tortuous anatomy to help deliver therapeutic agents to the target area.

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SIR 2021 Virtual

Guerbet Exhibitor's Information

To access the Guerbet virtual booth or to register for the event, please visit the official SIR 21' website.

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