Guerbet firma un acuerdo con icometrix para la distribución exclusiva de icobrain, una solución de inteligencia artificial para imágenes médicas de neuro.

Guerbet firma un acuerdo con icometrix para la distribución exclusiva de icobrain, una solución de inteligencia artificial para imágenes médicas de neuro.

Guerbet signs an agreement with icometrix for the exclusive distribution of icobrain, an artificial intelligence medical imaging solution for neuro imaging

Villepinte (France) – October 10, 2019 (8:30 CEST) – Guerbet, a global specialist in contrastagents and solutions for diagnostic and interventional medical imaging, today announced that ithas signed an exclusive agreement with icometrix for the distribution in France, Italy and Brazil oficobrain, their Saas (Software as a Service) artificial intelligence-based medical imaging solution.

Icobrain is designed to help radiologists and neurologists diagnose and monitor patients withneurological disorders. The Artificial Intelligence software extracts clinically meaningful informationfrom brain CT or MRIs scans of patients with multiple sclerosis, dementia or brain injury. Icobraincan therefore be used to automate the currently manual process of identifying, marking andquantifying volumes of brain structures identified.

Icobrain has obtained marketing authorizations in numerous countries, including the United States,Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and India and is already used in more than 100 hospitalsand imaging centers across the world, as well as in clinical studies from major globalpharmaceutical companies.

“This agreement will allow more patients with neurological disorders to benefit from the icobrain AItechnology. It will also allow Guerbet to expand its portfolio of augmented intelligence solutionsbeyond oncology, with the same aim of helping radiologists diagnose better and faster than everbefore,” said François Nicolas, Chief Digital Officer for Guerbet.

“There is a strong medical need to help radiologists, neurologists and patients with neurologicaldisorders. This collaboration with Guerbet will allow us to serve hospitals in France, Italy and Brazilwith the best support”, says Wim Van Hecke, CEO of icometrix. “Guerbet has many years ofexpertise in the radiology market and has a great reputation. We’re very much looking forward tothis strategic partnership”.

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About icometrix

icometrix (Leuven, Belgium; Chicago, USA) is the world leader in software solutions to obtain clinicallymeaningful data from brain MRI and CT scans for patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury,Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke, etc. The fully automated icobrain software is FDA approved and hasmarket approval in Europe, Japan, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. Today, icometrix is internationally active,the icobrain software is used in 100+ hospitals and icometrix works with the largest pharmaceutical and health tech companies.