ECR2022 Overture Ondemand (3)

Dr. Val Runge

University of Bern - Bern, Switzerland

ECR2022 Overture Ondemand (2)

Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum

RadNet Inc. - New York, USA 

ECR2022 Overture Ondemand

Dr. Sarah Catoen

Guerbet - Aulnay, France


Part 1: The History of GBCA Use 

by Dr. Val Runge (University of Bern - Bern, Switzerland)

Part 2: AI and image reconstruction 

by Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum (RadNet Inc. - New York, USA)

Part 3: The Future of GBCA and other contrast media strategies

by Dr. Sarah Catoen (Guerbet - Aulnay, France)

Key Learnings

  • To review historic milestones in use of Gadolinium, indications for use and safety profile over the last 3 decades
  • To better understand challenges linked to Gadolinium use, from the environment to new trends in patient imaging and AI
  • To better understand future GBCA trends