ET 2021

Interventional Radiology Congress

ET 2021

We are pleased to participate in ET 2021 (European Conference on Embolotherapy) which will be held virtually from June 17th to 19th.

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Guerbet Diamond Sponsor at the 1st virtual ET

This year, and for the first time at this conference, healthcare professionals will experience our solutions for improved embolization directly from home. Last but not least, we are happy to host and welcome attendees to our live sessions and symposia.

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Geert Maleux

Interact with Prof. Geert Maleux

Attend a 30-minute interactive live session on Lymphangiography Technique with Prof. Geert Maleux (University Hospital Leuven, Belgium).

  • June 17th / 16:00-16:30 CEST
  • June 18th / 12:00-12:30 CEST
  • June 19th / 13:30-14:00 CEST

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ET21 Live Symposium Embolization Without Title

Pelvic embolization: Expand your tool box

Chairman: Prof. Francisco Carnevale (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  • Efficacy of Cyanoacrylate glue/Lipiodol emulsion in pelvic
    Prof. Romaric Loffroy (Dijon, France)​
  • Early results on safety and efficacy in Prostate Artery Embolization using the SeQure® microcatheter
    Prof. Francisco Carnevale (Sao Paulo, Brazil)​
  • Improve safety in embolization of uterine arteries with SeQure® microcatheter - Prof. Heléne Vernhet Kovacsik (Montpellier, France)

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ET21 Live Symposium Lymphangiography Without Title (1)

Develop your knowledge on the lymphangiography ​

Chairman: Prof. Geert Maleux (Leuven, Belgium)

  • Significance of radiological management of postoperative lymphorrhea - Dr. Christof Sommer (Duisburg, Germany)​

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Discover our NEW 3.0 Fr microcatheters

ET 2021 is the perfect occasion to introduce our latest innovation to the medical community: DraKon® and SeQure® 3.0 Fr, the largest* Inner Diameter (ID) microcatheter, compatible with large microspheres.

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DraKon™ and SeQure® 3.0 Fr are CE mark pending. Not yet commercially available. Please contact your local Guerbet organization for further details.

Latest insights


More targeted delivery with SeQure® microcatheters

In a recent publication in animal model, SeQure® microcatheters reduce the risk of non-target embolization from 11% to 1.7%, increasing the delivery of microspheres of 98% to the target vessels, compared to conventional microcatheters.

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Radiological management of postoperative lymphorrhea

Postoperative lymphorrhea can occur after many different surgical procedures, and Interventional Radiology is of great importance in the management of such patients, as outlined in this work.

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HCC Indication

Additional indication for Lipiodol® Ultra-Fluid in South Africa

South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) approves Lipiodol® Ultra-Fluid for visualization, localization and vectorization during TACE of intermediate-stage hepatocellular carcinoma in adults in South Africa.

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* Largest among comparable devices in the market at the publication date.
Product registration and indication may vary from country to country, please refer to your local SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) or IFU (Instruction For Use).