Gynaecology meets Interventional Radiology

Gynaecology meets Interventional Radiology

Watch our experts discuss how to expand horizons in fertility management through cooperation between gynaecologists and interventional radiologists.

ESHRE Sympo On Demand

Prof. Anne Hemingway

London, UK


ESHRE Sympo On Demand (1)

Prof. Velja Mijatovic

Amsterdam, NL

ESHRE Sympo On Demand (2)

Dr. Aidan Shaw

Kent, UK 

Chairwoman: Prof. Anne Hemingway (London, UK)

  • Role of HSG in the fertility journey: Tips and Tricks  -
    Prof. Anne Hemingway (London, UK)
  • Pregnancy & life birth outcomes after HSG -Prof. Velja Mijatovic (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Is there a role for Uterine Fibroid Embolization in women wishing to maintain a fertility option? - Dr. Aidan Shaw (Kent, UK)

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