New horizons for HCC treatment

New horizons for HCC treatment

HCC treatments are evolving and can change patient care. Want to discover more? Watch our experts discuss these evolutions.

ECIO 2022 (3)

Dr. Irene Bargelini

Pisa University Hospital - Pisa, Italy

ECIO 2022 (4)

Prof. Thierry de Baere

Institut Gustave Roussy - Villejuif, France

ECIO 2022 (2)

Dr. Rafael Duran

Lausanne University Hospital - Lausanne, Switzerland

Moderator: Dr. Irene Bargelini

  • HCC management guidelines evolution - Dr. Irene Bargelini (Pisa, Italy)
  • INSPIRE: INitiative on SuPerselectIve cTACE Results- Prof. Thierry de Baere (Villejuif, France)
  • Immunotherapy and cTACE combination an effective solution? Dr. Rafael Duran (Lausanne, Switzerland)

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