Guerbet ha ottenuto A nella classificazione del CDP per il suo impegno nella lotta contro il riscaldamento globale

Guerbet ha ottenuto A nella classificazione del CDP per il suo impegno nella lotta contro il riscaldamento globale

Questo premio colloca Guerbet nel gruppo di leadership del CDP per il suo impegno ambientale e le sue performance come parte integrante della sua strategia aziendale

Villepinte (France), 17 December (8:00 a.m. CET) - Guerbet (FR0000032526 GBT), a global leader in medical imaging, has received an A- grade for its second contribution to the climate questionnaire distributed by CDP, a non-profit organization that singles out the world's most active companies in the fight against climate change. This result marks an improvement on the B grade received in 2019.

The CDP annual environmental performance reporting and scoring process is the gold standard in corporate environmental transparency. In 2020, over 515 investors with $106 trillion in assets and over 150 large purchasers with $4 trillion in buying power requested thousands of companies to disclose through CDP information on their environmental impact and on the related risks and opportunities.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, and we are delighted to see that our commitment and progress have been recognized by CDP. Guerbet is continuing to pursue its dynamic CSR approach, a key driver of performance and differentiator, spurred on as always by family shareholders. We are determined to reduce our environmental footprint and to commit our ecosystem to a virtuous circle of decarbonation,” said Pétra Zalabak, VP Human Resources & CSR for Guerbet.

Guerbet’s CSR approach is built around four pillars with key objectives and actions planned between now and 2023. One of the main thrusts concerns its EHS policy, which gives absolute priority to the safety of people while minimizing environmental impacts at all levels.

As part of this EHS policy, Guerbet is committed to implementing solutions to improve its industrial processes and effectively reduce their environmental impact:

  • Production process control
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Measures against climate change
  • Process innovation strategy
  • Waste control

Guerbet is also committed to taking actions to lessen its impact on global warming.

To reduce its main sources of emissions, the Group is:

  • stepping up its EHS and CSR continuous improvement process with the most high-risk suppliers;
  • giving priority to sea transport over air transport for shipping finished products to customers;
  • reducing energy consumption at all its industrial sites.

[1] CDP: Carbon Disclosure Project. Disclosure Insight Action.

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