Guerbet announces a change in governance for its Artificial Intelligence projects

Guerbet announces a change in governance for its Artificial Intelligence projects

Villepinte, November 3rd, 2022: Guerbet today announced an agreement with Merative, formalizing the termination of their collaboration signed in July 2018.

Guerbet today announced an agreement with Merative formalizing the termination of their collaboration initiated in July 2018. This partnership aimed to design, develop and market software solutions to help diagnose and monitor liver and prostate cancers. The termination follows Merative's strategic shift in how it delivers artificial intelligence within its imaging product portfolio. The new Asset Assignment and License Agreement grants Guerbet the ability and autonomy to pursue research and development, and plan for the market launch of Artificial Intelligence solutions. Assets developed during the partnership, including source code for application software, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and the associated intellectual property, are being transferred to Guerbet.

The market potential remains unchanged and significant, and this Asset Assignment and License Agreement will transfer control over the remaining development work to Guerbet. Promising initial results have been obtained in 2022, particularly for the detection of liver lesions (presentation scheduled for the RSNA 2022 conference) and for the detection of prostate cancer (work presented at the ECR 2022 conference). The high quality of the work presented by Guerbet’s Artificial Intelligence research team also impressed the jury of the BPI France 2030 program, which has awarded the company €1 million in funding for its project aimed at early detection of pancreatic cancer, as recently announced.

Numerous stakeholders have communicated their interest to the Group’s management in recent months, attesting to the business’ strong potential. Constructive discussions are currently also underway to set up new partnerships in order to accelerate the business roadmap and to facilitate the emergence of a national champion in the area of artificial intelligence for medical imaging.

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