Guerbet in a nutshell

Guerbet in a nutshell

Get a quick overview of what we are all about.

Ourgroup Nutshell C1 Medicalimaging

Medical Imaging

A comprehensive range of solutions

We are a French pharmaceutical group that has been supporting healthcare professionals specialized in Diagnostic and Interventional Medical Imaging since 1926. We develop and market contrast media, delivery systems, medical devices and related solutions adapted to their needs. Guerbet is listed in Euronext Segment B, and a majority of its shares are owned by the Guerbet family.

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Ourgroup Nutshell C1 Patientdiagnostics

Patient diagnostics

One patient every second in the world

Every second, somewhere in the world a patient undergoes an imaging procedure with a Guerbet product. More than 60,000 health professionals rely on our contrast agents to diagnose disease and assess treatment efficacy.

Ourgroup Nutshell C1 Lipiodol

Lipiodol®, the pioneering contrast agent

Lipiodol® was first discovered in 1901. In 1921 it became the first iodized contrast agent to be used in radiology. It serves today as “a standard of care” in interventional radiology.

Ourgroup Nutshell C1 Dotarem

Dotarem®, leader in Europe

Used for 30 years in clinical practice, more than 91 million* doses of Dotarem® have been injected in the world for MRI procedures.

*Data from March 2019

Worldmap VA July2020

2,850 employees and a worldwide presence

Our products and services are made available in more than 80 countries through our affiliates and network of distributors.

Guerbet Worldwide Map

Ourgroup Nutshell C1 R&D


More than 200 employees committed to innovation

Advancing in innovative solutions is at the heart of Guerbet's mission and we dedicate 9% of our revenue to R&D. We are focusing on the diagnosis of major diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diseases of the central nervous system) and interventional radiology. More than 600 patents are owned and pending. 7 products have been launched in the last 2 years.

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Ourgroup Nutshell C1 100R&Dpartnerships

Involvement in R&D partnerships

The success of Guerbet’s R&D is based on successful collaboration with worldwide scientific partners.

To meet its Research and Development targets, Guerbet is building a strategy of partnership and collaboration agreements. Thanks to this outward-looking approach, it is able to benefit from international scientific expertise. Medical imaging is a multi-disciplinary field requiring expertise in chemistry, physics, computing, image processing, electronics, biology and medicine.

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Ourgroup Nutshell C1 9Specializedmanufacturingplants (C) E Larrayadieu

8 specialized manufacturing plants

Guerbet has acquired the facilities necessary for high-performance industrial production: 3 sites for the manufacture of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), 4 fill-and-finish facilities for our contrast agents, and 2 sites dedicated to imaging solutions (injectors, disposables) and services.

We manage the entire supply chain, from raw materials to delivery and end customers, so as to optimize turnaround times and costs while guaranteeing the highest end-to-end quality levels.

Guerbet Worldwide Map

Ourgroup Nutshell C1 Turnover


817 million euros in 2019

Guerbet has reported 2019 revenue of €817 million, up 3.5% from 2018, including a favourable forex impact of €11.3 million. At constant exchange rates, revenue growth was +2.0%, in line with the announced objective.