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Vectorio® is a mixing and injection system for Conventional Trans-Arterial Chemo-Embolization (cTACE).

Vectorio® features and benefits

Vectorio® is a set of Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid (Iodinated ethyl esters of fatty acids of poppyseed oil) resistant medical devices including syringes, patented stopcock and sampling devices.

Lipiodol®-resistant* and unbreakable, providing the possibility of a closed system without device break changes to reduce risks of leakage.


Ergonomic and user-friendly, with a syringe back stop and rotary finger grip for optimized handling.


The 3W4p stopcock system provides a unique closed-system, and the 3-way 4-Ports stopcock with safeguards reduces risks of infection, air injection, or leaks and optimizes on-table mixing and injection control.


* Test report (E17-41) – Verification report of the device’s functionality after 24h exposure to Lipiodol®

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