Connecting with patient organizations

Connecting with patient organizations

Patient organizations are crucial stakeholders of the healthcare equation.

At Guerbet, our engagement with patient organizations helps us better understand the needs of patients and their illnesses. In parallel, we hope that our support can help them better champion and represent the voice of the patient in the healthcare policy environment.

Patients with knowledge or experience of a pathology provide valuable insights of what it is like to live with a specific condition, how care and diagnostics are delivered, how that impacts on them, their careers and families and how early and appropriate diagnosis and treatment can change their quality of life and meet their needs.

At Guerbet we have set up a corporate policy which includes guiding principles to ensure that our relationships with patient organizations are transparent and ethical.

We are always clear and coherent about the aims and objectives of our collaborations with patient organizations, and our collaborations are always based on mutual respect, preserving the independence of patient organizations.

We always comply with local and international codes and laws involving interactions with patients.

In compliance with the EFPIA Code of Practice, we collect and publish details of all payments, grants and support given to patient advocacy groups.

Please find our global publication for 2020 here.