Contrast&Care®+ Injection Management Solution

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Contrast&Care®+ Injection Management Solution

Simplify your contrast media traceability and support informed decisions

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Support informed Decisions with Contrast&Care®+ Injection Management Software

Guerbet aims to provide accurate and complete traceability of the injection activity with integrated digital solutions.

To that purpose, Guerbet has designed Contrast&Care®+, a contrast media injection management software, in order to simplify administrative tasks while ensuring automatic traceability of injection data:

  • Easy connectivity with information systems used in radiology: automated interfaces between Contrast&Care+, the injector and the Hospital Information System (RIS, PACS, EMR).
  • Collection, archiving, review, analysis and sharing of injection data: contrast products, adverse events, injector activity, information on estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and other risk factors.

Contrast&Care®+ is designed to work with Guerbet’s range of power injectors: OptiVantage® multi-use, OptiVantage® single-use, Illumena® Néo, FlowSens®, OptiStar® Elite, OptiOne®.*

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Accurate analytics to optimize contrast media utilization**

Build KPIs and comprehensive dashboards to support injection management within the institution.

Perform multi-factorial analysis, discover trends, and compare practices between sites and stations.

Identify and analyze patterns associated with the occurrence of adverse events.

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Standardize injection practice

Manage one central protocol library across your organization.

Design unified protocol library.

Review and adapt procedures for each patient in advance, from anywhere on the network (web-based application).

Monitor and review protocols history thanks to dashboards.


Consistent documentation across your Hospital Information System

Accurate and automatic reporting of injection data to PACS, RIS and EMR.

Interoperability capabilities based on communication standards (DICOM and HL7).

Support Patient Care Management

Support patient care management

Alert the user when facing at-risk situations such as:

  • A low eGFR
  • A previous injection with an adverse event (extravasation or hypersensitivity)
  • A recent injection

Identify before exam patients that require specific attention (e.g. low eGFR, hypersensitivities and other alerts etc.)

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Technical Services and Support***

OptiProtectTM 3S is Guerbet’s original suite of Services and Support brought to you by our readily accessible, factory trained and certified experts who are committed to making continuity in your daily operations their priority

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Contrast&Care®+ is part of UNIK, our tailored interconnected solutions for Diagnostic Imaging.

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Driven by its commitment to advance radiology, Guerbet Diagnostic Imaging has designed a comprehensive and complete portfolio of products and solutions for diagnostic imaging.

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Contrast&Care®+ is a medical device for use by healthcare professionals only. It enables imaging centers to collect, archive, review, and share patient injection data. This data can include contrast media details, associated disposables, adverse events, injector activity, history of previous contrast media administration, eGFR information, and other pre-exam alerts, such as previously reported allergies. It also provides features to review protocols, create protocol libraries, send injection protocols to compatible injectors, visualize analytics and trends related to injection activity and contrast media usage. Class I/CE Manufacturer: MEDEX

KPI - Key Performance Indicators

eGFR - Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with the above-mentioned devices or by your local Guerbet representative(s).

For use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.

Contrast&Care® is a trademark of Guerbet. Issued patents. © Copyright 2015 Guerbet - All rights reserved.

* Communication possible between Contrast&Care®+ and compatible injectors only (for compatible injectors & versions contact your Guerbet representative)

** From an operational standpoint by providing data on the number of injections performed and the total injected volume can help the users to make informed decisions related to their injector usage and contrast media order.

From a clinical standpoint: Data on adverse events can help the users to identify patterns associated with the occurrence of adverse events (for instance high flow rate and extravasations) and make an informed decision related to their injection practice.

*** May be subject to an additional fee. Can differ from country to country. For more information please contact your local Guerbet representative.