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Urology Accessories & Consumables

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Urology Accessories

Leg Crutch Accessories

LF™ Physician Stools

Height adjustable wheeled stools, with or without a backrest to aid physician comfort during urological exams.


LF™ Radiation Shields

We offer two shields designed to aid radiation protection for physicians: the overtable and undertable radiation shield - the overtable shield mounts to the anesthesia screen holder (333102).


LF™ Table Extensions

A supplement to the basic length of the imaging system table.

  • 12" Table Extension permits positioning of the patient in either head-first or feet-first positions. A cushion molded pad fits on the top.
  • 16" Table Extension can be placed on either the head or foot end of the table.
  • 24" Table Extension can be used at either the head or the foot end of the table to facilitate patient positioning.

The removable foot step provides a convenient standing surface for the patient while performing examinations with the table in the vertical position.


LF™ Urodynamics Chair

Chair mounted directly to the table with the ability to rotate up to 90 degrees in either direction. The chair has a moveable accessory tray and a roll-around cart for mobility, transport and storage.


Patient Support Devices

  • Washable cloth band with a ratchet mechanism to apply compression across the patient's abdomen.
  • Hand grips for tilting the table from the horizontal to the vertical position.
  • Patient restraint strap to provide an additional safety feature by attaching to the table rails and fitting over the patient's chest.
  • Shoulder supports are designed to add a level of security for the patient when the table is placed in a Trendelenberg (head down) position.
  • Wedge body pad is designed to fit on top of the table pad to provide elevation of the patient's upper body.


Support Pads

A variety of pad options to supplement the basic pad provided with the imaging system. Available as Thick Table Pad, Soft Table Pad, Thin Table Pad, and 24" Extension Pad.


Table Rail Accessories

Accessories to aid the clinician in the use of the imaging system. Each of the following can be mounted on the table rail: Anesthesia Screen Holder, Armboard, IV Stanchion, and Universal Clamps.


Urology Accessory Shelves/Equipment Racks

Accessory Racks, Fixed and Mobile; Mobile Control Room Cabinet; Side Shelf Unit

  • A fixed stainless steel accessory rack designed for wall mounting.
  • A mobile stainless steel accessory rack allows movement around the operating room.
  • The mobile control room cabinet features a laminate finish, and is designed to hold the generator console, digital system, printer and manuals, with a total weight limit of 200 pounds with lockable casters.
  • The side shelf unit attaches to the table tower and is designed to accommodate auxiliary equipment, such as a light source, video endoscopy system, VCR, etc.
  • The side shelf unit provides additional storage (one at each end of the table). It is supplied with three short platforms (20"W x 15"D) and three long platforms (20"W x 20"D), and can be configured with up to three of either style. The side shelf unit supports a combined weight of up to 150 pounds.


Urology Consumables

Fluidrain LSS™ (Liquid Solidifications System) Container

The Fluidrain LSS™ container is available in 10 or 20 liter capacities, allowing quick and easy collection of fluids for disposal when a floor drain is not present or permitted.


Uro Drain Bags

The Uro Drain Bag is a disposable liner for the Uro Drain frame. Expandable tubing stretches to approximately 6’ (182.9 cm) in length. Available in cartons of 10 in sterile or non-sterile packaging.


Uro Drain Extension Tubing

Used in conjunction with the Uro Drain Bag, the extension tubing adds approximately 6’ (182.9 cm) of length to the Uro Drain Bag tube, for a combined length of approximately 12’ (365.8 cm). Supplied in cartons of 10.


Uro Drain Y-Connector

The Uro Drain Y-Connector permits the attachment of multiple Fluidrain LSS™ containers for procedures requiring high fluid volumes. Supplied in cartons of 10.


These medical devices are intended for use by medical imaging and diagnostic healthcare professionals.
For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for these medical devices, we recommend consulting the instructions notices/user’s manuals.

Available where registrations apply.

Manufacturer: Liebel-Flarsheim Company LLC, 2111 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237-1640