OptiStar™ Elite              The next level precision   injection

Injector, Accessories & Consumables for MRI

OptiStar Elite              The next level precision   injection

With this evolution of OptiStar Elite, our MRI injection system enables more precise protocols and is configured for the next generation GBCA from Guerbet*

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Optistar Elite                 Designed to work the way you work

OptiStar Elite is a dual head contrast delivery system with an ultrasonic motor that makes it non-magnetic and built for long lasting performance.

OptiStar Elite was designed to address the needs of healthcare professionals in the magnetic resonance (MR) room:

PRECISION                  EFFICIENCY                 EASE OF USE


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The right dose to the right patient at the right time

Volume precision down to 0.1mL
Enables injections of lower doses of gadolinium, since already configured for the next generation GBCA from Guerbet.*

Timing Bolus®                                                                                    Enables more precise timing of the injection.

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Complete range of features to enhance performance

Prefilled syringe compatibility
Optimizes workflow1 thanks to time-efficient assembly of injection systems.2

Minimizes the risk of patient contamination1 thanks to reduced handling and manipulation.2

Prevents microbiologic infections thereby helping to protect immunocompromised patients.2

Designed and certified consumables
Our consumables are designed or selected, tested and certified3 by Guerbet to meet the highest quality standards and to follow the Medical Devices standards and regulations.

Leveraging years of scientific research and innovation in diagnostic imaging to deliver Guerbet-designed consumables with evidence of excellence reported through traceability, certifications, and studies.4

Battery-free                                                                                      Eliminates the time & cost associated with battery changing and replacement.

Other features                                                                                      To enhance performance: automated injections, multiple phases protocols, Patency check® and variable drip mode.

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Designed to simplify your work

Optic fiber                                                                               Simple installation, making it fast and cost-efficient.

Ceiling-mounted                                                                    Specially designed to operate safely up to 3 Tesla (High Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy).

Enhances safety with the removal of cabling from the floor.

Other features                                                                              Designed to simplify your work: one click syringe loading & auto-retract rams, powerhead keys, full remote control and automatic pressure control.

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Technical Services and Support

OptiProtectTM 3S Guerbet’s original suite of technical Services and Support brought to you by our readily accessible, factory trained, and certified experts that are committed to making continuity in your daily operations their priority.


Informed decisions with Contrast&Care®

Contrast&Care® is Guerbet’s digital solution for collecting, archiving, analyzing, and sharing patient injection data and injector activity.

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Backed by Guerbet's commitment to supporting you

OptiStar™ Elite is part of UNIK, Guerbet’s tailored interconnected solutions for diagnostic imaging.


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  3. Certified by Guerbet as compatible on Guerbet injectors - data on file
  4. Internal Data: Vermeulen C, Noury B & Al. Microbial Safety Assessment of a Double Check-Valve Patient Line in a Multi-use Contrast Delivery System Radiol. Technol. 2015 Nov-Dec;87(2):139-49


OptiStar™ Elite Contrast Delivery System is a medical device intended for use by qualified healthcare professionals.                                                                                                                                                                            It is intended to inject MR contrast media and flushing solutions into a patient's vascular system to obtain diagnostic images when used in conjunction with Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging equipment.                                Class IIb/CE TÜV SÜD 0123 Manufacturer: Liebel-Flarsheim Company LLC EC Rep: Guerbet.

Contrast& Care® is a medical device intended for use by healthcare professionals only. It allows imaging centers to collect, archive, view and share patients' injection data, including data concerning contrast products, adverse events, injector activity, data on the estimated eGFR and other pre-exam alerts, such as previously reported allergies. Contrast&Care® also provides options to review protocols, create protocol libraries, and visualize analytics data and trends relating to injection activity and contrast product usage.                                                        Class I/CE Manufacturer: Medex.

Contrast& Care®+ is a medical device for use by healthcare professionals only. It enables imaging centers to collect, archive, review, and share patient injection data. This data can include contrast media details, associated disposables, adverse events, injector activity, history of previous contrast media administration, eGFR information, and other pre-exam alerts, such as previously reported allergies. It also provides features to review protocols, create protocol libraries, send injection protocols to compatible injectors, visualize analytics and trends related to injection activity and contrast media usage.                                                                                                                      Class I/CE Manufacturer: Medex.

For use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions, we recommend consulting the instruction for use supplied with these devices or by your local Guerbet representative(s).

OptiStar™, Contrast& Care®, OptiProtect, Timing Bolus® , Patency Check® are trademarks of Guerbet.

© Guerbet Group 2022. P22001712 - December 2022

*Data on file; D12582 A; D12766 Rev A; D11839 Rev A. Next generation GBCA from Guerbet being under evaluation by European Health Authorities (EMA) and for use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations. FDA approved.

GBCA = Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents