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Our Proactive CSR approach

The Guerbet Group is committed to a proactive CSR approach, historically driven by the Guerbet family

CSR Governance and organization
At Guerbet, the CSR coordination team reports to the SVP, Human Resources, who is a member of the Executive Committee. The team is in charge of developing the CSR strategy and coordinating the implementation of the road map with risk owners.

CSR at the heart of the Group
The CSR strategy and the road map are validated by the Group’s Management and presented to the Board of Directors. In 2018, CSR was discussed by the Ethics, Governance and CSR Committee and then by the Board of Directors.

A renewed road map
In keeping with its desire to develop and strengthen its CSR strategy, in 2018, assisted by a specialized firm, Guerbet launched a program to renew and strengthen its road map. As such, the mapping of CSR risks and opportunities was built partly through interviews with members of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

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Stock price performance

6/24/2024 - 5:35 PM

Current trading session €35.90
Dividend in respect of 2022 €0.50 Per share
Performance of current trading session (since previous close) +1.25%
Performance of current trading session (since open) +1.67%
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Financial Policy

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