Financial Policy

Financial Policy

Get to know our 10-point financial policy. As a key aspect of a successful strategy, our financial policy fully integrates the Group's principal values and visions. Furthermore, 10 rules have been laid down to guarantee success, rigor, security, transparency and strict compliance with French and foreign laws and regulations.

The 10 key points of our financial policy

  1. Provide the Group with the means necessary to boost its long-term growth and increase value for the shareholder.
  2. Guarantee high-quality financial and accounting information in compliance with IFRS standards.
  3. Optimize cashflow management, debt structure and financial relations within the Group.
  4. Ensure that the necessary funding for the Group is always available.
  5. Manage risks: fiscal risks, exchange rate risks and customer risks.
  6. Provide Operational Managers with the tools they need in their management function: budget monitoring and spending commitment tracking (expenses and investments), measurement of return on investment, improved customer ratio and stock rotation.
  7. Adopt an ethical approach in each country where the Group is established.
  8. Comply with French and foreign legislation regardless of whether this is general (company law, stock market regulations, tax law) or specific (French DMOS law and corresponding legislation in foreign countries regulating relations with the medical professions).
  9. Apply the rules of good business governance and ensure that high-quality in-house controls are employed.
  10. Participate in the Group's Quality Policy and foster constant improvement in financial processes.

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The link between Finance and CSR

Financial security goes hand in hand with Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is a self-regulating business model that helps us be socially accountable — to ourselves, our stakeholders and the public

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