To build lasting relationships so that we enable people to live better

To build lasting relationships so that we enable people to live better

At Guerbet, we build lasting relationships. We believe in the connection between human beings and the positive effects of cooperation. Day after day, since 1926, we have endeavored to ensure that these bonds develop, grow and persist.
We are committed to the long-term, thanks to the family origins of our company and the convictions of those who are part of it.
We place human cooperation at the heart of all our relationships and actions with patients, healthcare professionals, employees, public authorities, partners, shareholders, society and the world. We establish our relationships based on respect and integrity to ensure a truly value-driven cooperation.

So that we enable people to live better. We think of each patient who every second benefits from our products somewhere in the world. We seek to make their lives better, through a diagnosis or a treatment that we aim to be ever more effective. We are attentive to each human being in our environment and we strive to act consciously to have a positive influence on them. We want, in all humility, to be of service to our customers and their patients, which is why we make the utmost effort to achieve this goal.

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By caring for people

Caring for others guides us. Caring for others is our commitment. It is at the very heart of our company. The stability of our family origins has allowed us to share this conviction since our beginnings and will continue to do so for a long time. We do this every day, both by providing our products and services to physicians to enable them to diagnose and treat millions of people around the world, and with our scientific and technological partners, by working on new solutions for a better future for medicine. It is also a commitment to our employees, for example, through our professional development programs. We also take care of others through our charity actions, here and abroad, with rigor and benevolence.

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By focusing on patient outcomes

We are passionate about our healthcare mission. We put the benefit of patients first . We have been striving towards the highest level of safety, quality and efficiency in the medical imaging market since the creation of our very first product in 1901 by Dr. Marcel Guerbet. We are determined to assume our responsibility and enhance the quality of life of patients at our level around the world.

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By continuously providing innovative solutions

Our DNA is innovation. Guerbet’s origins come from a pioneer product created in 1901. More than 100 years after its discovery, this product remains a reference in radiology. Since then, innovation irrigates all our decisions and actions. We invest in Research and Development continuously, in order to improve our existing products and create new ones to meet unmet medical needs. We want to contribute to diagnosis but also to patient care. This is why we collaborate with start-ups, major companies, centers of excellence, academic organizations, hospitals and leading actors within our sector. We want to be a spearhead developing new concepts in the world of healthcare. Every day we strive to advance knowledge in the field of medical imaging, together with physicians, scientists and technology partners, all over the world.

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By daring to make bold choices

‘Think outside the box’ is one of our favorite expressions. We dare to dream big and act accordingly, even if we have to step out of our comfort zone. Whether it's acquiring a business twice our size or cooperating in the development of a new cutting-edge imaging software, we consistently act in the same manner: determined, strongly believing in our ambition, applying our very best efforts and embarking on new projects. This determination allows us to take unexpected and fruitful paths, as well as find new solutions. The transformations we have driven in the company for almost a century reflect our ability to meet challenges of all natures and sizes. We have always taken risks and we have always assumed them.

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By advancing through knowledge-sharing

We believe that sharing is the key to moving forward and helping others progress; employees, healthcare professionals as well as partners. To grow together as individuals, a company and a community, we share what we know and are open to the knowledge of others in return. In all our relationships, we seek a win-win collaboration. We promote simple and authentic relationships, beyond reporting levels. We develop partnerships with multiple players, on a global scale. We bring together chemistry, physics, computer science, image processing, electronics, biology and medicine. We grow when you grow. You grow when we grow. 

Our purpose in action

Plenty of examples of what we do resonate with our purpose. Here is a snapshot of the most recent ones.

Our Manifesto

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Our purpose - our strategic compass for sustainable growth

"It all started a year ago, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that moment in time, at Guerbet we all got together as a team and instinctively knew what we had to do. This is why we decided to explore what this driving force is, Raison d’Etre in French = Reason to exist" David Hale, Guerbet's CEO

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Positive results for Phase III clinical trials

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Our Code of Ethics

Guerbet works every day to improve patient diagnosis and prognosis. To fulfill this mission, we must be ethically unimpeachable in everything we do. Ethical conduct supports our company strategy and ensures our longevity and credibility

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Gaïa-Index has ranked Guerbet the best company in the healthcare category for the second year running

Improving results, reflecting the high quality of Guerbet’s CSR program.

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Connecting with patient organizations

Our engagement with patient organizations helps us better understand the needs of patients and their illnesses

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